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nimworld is composed of 5670 tiles available for sale. All tiles start at 1 NIM.

Color your tile, mark it with a short message (optional, 40 characters max).

But be careful, if someone decides to pay more, you will lose ownership of the tile.

This someone should be careful too, you could buy it back by becoming the highest bidder again.

The tiles ownership is recalculated every 5 minutes. The statistics are recalculated every hour.

Made with love by @paulghz for the Nimiq community

nimworld statistics

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of nimworld
With {{ stats.biggestSpender.amount }} NIM
{{ stats.biggestSpender.address }} is the biggest spender in nimworld
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{{ stats.mostExpensiveTileBought.owner_address }}
Tile #{{ stats.tileHavingBiggestAmountBidded.id}}
is the most bidded tile
A total of {{ stats.tileHavingBiggestAmountBidded.amount}} NIM
have been spent on it
Out of {{ stats.tileHavingBiggestAmountBidded.addresses_count }} bidders, it's currently owned by
{{ stats.tileHavingBiggestAmountBidded.owner_address }}
Tile #{{ stats.tileHavingTheMostAddresses.id}}
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{{ stats.tileHavingTheMostAddresses.owner_address }}
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